What is Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle EAP?
Lifestyle EAP is an employer-sponsored program that offers solution-focused counseling, life-balance services and customized wellness programs tailored to your workplace culture. Lifestyle EAP is offered in addition to your existing medical benefits. Lifestyle EAP empowers employees to lead happier, healthier lives.

How much does Lifestyle EAP cost?
There is no charge for Lifestyle EAP to employees and their dependents living at home. However, if you are referred for additional services outside of Lifestyle EAP, you may need to rely on your health plan or community resources. Your Lifestyle EAP representative will assist you in finding the support you need.

When are Lifestyle EAP services available?
Lifestyle EAP is available 24/7/365 for daily requests and in-the-moment crisis support. Appointments are offered at flexible times to meet your specific needs.

Is the program confidential?
Yes, absolutely. All records and information are the exclusive property of Lifestyle EAP and compliant with HIPPA regulations. Your privacy is strictly guaranteed.

How can I access Lifestyle EAP services?
Lifestyle EAP services are available throughout the United States. Call our Lifestyle EAP member services line at 800.989.3277. A Lifestyle EAP representative will assist you.

How can I learn more about Lifestyle EAP?
We're proud to present an easy-to-use, interactive website for you and your dependents. When you log on to www.lifestyleEAP.com and enter your company ID, you can ask confidential questions, access information about benefits, and learn about health, wellness and preventive strategies, and use a variety of interactive tools. You'll find many articles on a variety of topics ranging from parenting and family matters to nutrition, fitness and stress-reduction. Please call Lifestyle EAP at 800.989.3277.